About Us

The board in session

Headquartered in Pueblo, Colorado, SyCare oversees a network of healthcare providers in 19 counties that specialize in behavioral and primary healthcare services.

The administrative offices for the 19 SyCare counties are located in four strategic locations; Health Solutions – Pueblo, San Luis Valley Behavioral Health Group – Alamosa, Solvista Health – Canon City and Southeast Health Group – LaJunta/Lamar. Guided by Boards of Directors comprised of local citizens, SyCare healthcare centers provide; direct clinical care services, active community outreach, and medical education and training.

While respecting privacy rights and upholding Federal standards for client confidentiality, SyCare providers work as a team to implement client services for individuals and their families wherever they live in Southern and Southeastern Colorado.

SyCare focuses on building strong rural communities by offering valuable integrated healthcare services in economically disadvantaged counties of Southern and Southeastern Colorado.  SyCare is proud that over 116,000 Medicaid patients in these areas receive quality healthcare due to the attention and investment of SyCare initiatives.  

SyCare is Invested in Southern and Southeastern Colorado Rural Communities

SyCare works to:

  • Make Integrated Healthcare Accessible in Rural Communities in Southern and Southeastern Colorado
  • Educate Communities on Mental Health Initiatives, Concerns, and Regulatory Issues
  • Advocate Positive Legislation on Behalf of the Represented Mental Health Partners
  • Serve as a Mental Health Resource and Prevention Program Provider
  • Hire Practicing Providers that Live in the Communities They Serve
  • Provide Education and Outreach for Mental Health Awareness
  • Promote Patient Responsibility in Mental Health Treatment
  • Deliver Effective Care that Lowers Treatment Costs
  • Measure Community Healthcare Service Improvements  

Leadership Team

The SyCare leadership team works collectively to provide strategic leadership, direction and support for the SyCare partnership.  Our expert team of professionals believes in the mission of quality mental health services for Southern and Southeastern Colorado and works diligently to forward our partnerships daily.

Board of Managers

The SyCare Board of Managers are comprised of area leaders with a wide variety of backgrounds, ethnicity, and lifestyle experiences in order to help craft and advise our development objectives to achieve our corporate goals and political standing.

Our network of providers are committed to delivering exceptional integrated healthcare services to improve the lives of those we serve.

To be the recognized leader for providing integrated health care services putting people first.

  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork